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About Seldi Shehu

Seldi Shehu | Architect

 Seldi Shehu is an Albanian architect. He graduated from University of Tirana, Albanian University, branch of Architecture in November 2011, and won Master of Science in Architecture.

 In September 2009, while studying, he started to work as an architect at “Al.Point” , an architecture studio in Tirana. He dealt with design of various objects mostly residential and service facilities, hotels, villas, designed in the Commune of Dajt, Tirane.

 In June 2012, Seldi started to work as a design architect at “ Mobileri Tirana ”. furnishing and designing the interior space of all functions to designing the smallest detail (material, colors, and accessories).

In January 2014, he started working at “ Mobileri Klajdi ”.Even in this company he was involved in all projects from the beginning to the end, offering safety and quality by strengthening its position in the market. During this period it’s mainly taken from furnishing houses, bars, offices, etc..

In September 2013, after a few years of experience, together with his colleagues established // SPACE // - a professional team of new generation, offering the best solutions in architectural design and interior design.