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Villa 03

This villa is a 196 sqm, two floored residential building (plus garage). This villa even though with its roots in French neo classic architecture, is designed with a new and fresh spirit, with a beautiful sensitivity and spontaneous elegance. This object is carefully treated according to the hilly relief, providing an amazing view offered from the existing area. The residence lies along the hills, integrated with the terrain and the surrounding greenery. This villa is designed with ample spaces; dining and living room, master and other bedrooms, each one of them with their bathroom and wardrobe, garage with ample space to place different mechanical tools and water deposit. The villa has a large veranda, which is also another distinction, in which the wonderful sights that this area offers can be enjoyed. .

Status : Ongoing
Location : Komuna Berzhite, Tirana
Property area : 1795 m2
Built area : 196 m2
Coverage ratio : 11 %
Date : 09/2014 – 09/2015