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Lalzi Bay is located north of the city of Durres and very close to the metropolitan area, Tirana. The area of study is a touristic and residential area. The organization of the hotel and villas in the area is done in such a way that the lowest are situated in front, not to deter lighting and appearance from the sea for the ones behind. The hotel has a horizontal extension that follows the shape of the area where it is located. On the upper part are located the 2 storey villas with an extension along the main road. Further south are the one storey villas which have a horizontal extension, and other villas with hotel and apartments which are connected by a path between them. Between two storey and one storey villas is created a square-shaped space very attractive for tourists. The same idea is projected also in the duplex apartments that are located in the western part of the area, where the lowest ones are placed forward not to block the view and sun . The construction of these villas will be maintaining and integrating existing greening of oaks and pines. Water basins are numerous. Park, swimming pools, sports fields stretching across southern length of the area, making it quite recreational and giving respiration to the whole area in general.

Status : Proposed                                        
Partner : Danjel Guralumi           
Location : Lalzi Bay, Durres
Property area : 29 000 m2                                
Built area : 6 800 m2           
Coverage ratio : 23%                            
Park area : 13 000 m2
Facilities area : 17 000 m2
Total area : 590 000 m2
Date : 08/2011 – 11/2011