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Residential Villa 03

This villa is situated in the northeast part of Tirana, near the "Kodra e Priftit" area, characterized as a low rise private area, with 2-4 storey buildings. Even thought a relatively high density area, the villa has access on the main road.
The villa had an existing construction, with a defined volume. The residence is organized in 4 storey where 3 are used as residence and one is used for services including a garage.
The access in the villa is from the main road directly to the private courtyard. The vertical movement is enabled through the two staircases situated in both of the facades.
The residence is divided to exploit to the maximum the built area. The main floor is divided into 2 apartments 2+1 and one apartment 1+1 equaling a total area of 217 sqm.
The concept related to the villa was to give a contemporary identity, fragmenting the object in clear particular volumes with straight lines visually aesthetic . The main materials used in the elevations are betopan (wood simulation), white plaster, natural stones used in the surrounding courtyard wall and vertically in the stairs cage. This materials together with the decorative elements of the railings, are connected harmonically to each other giving a clear idea of the contemporary concept.