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Ice web is a web design company. In this office we created two opportunities for staff which are separated from each other by the office of the chief, with glass walls, where the aim is to be transparent from the inside and to maintain spatial visual continuity. The first block has 9 workstations while the other one has 5 workstations which is designed with the existing desks. The head office is spacious, with a reception space and panoramic views from outside. The offices contain abundant natural light and are designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The company is best identified in the reception area with the bright blue color combined with white and the company logo. In this space we created also a small a dining place for the staff. By maintaining the existing tile pattern, we decided to play with some black and white furniture to get the maximum contrast. To make the environment more vivid and warm we have also used colorful paintings .

Status : Completed
Location : Rr. "Abdyl Frasheri", Tirana, Tirane
Area : 160 m2
Date : 07/2011 – 08/2011