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Coffee Bar "Felt"

The main challenge in this coffee bar was to create a functional space during the day and night, to be used by all age groups. The space is abundant, in which the main functions are located in the center where it works like a whole. While the other part situated in the perimeter is more individualistic and private.

The environment is illumined by natural light. Artificial lighting is numerous but with a lower intensity. The lighting is planned in a detailed manner, where each lantern is concentrated in the center of the table. The tables are big and far apart each other, creating a very quiet environment. The elegant and trapeze-shaped counter, wooden elements that continue along the ceiling and occasionally reaching the floor, greenery inserted inside the environment; Are these the elements that create a very pleasant space.

Status : Completed
Location : Rr. "Riza Cerova", Tirana
Area : 96 m2
Date : 02/2012 – 04/2012