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Bar and Confectionery Saqi

The store is a minimalistic yet modern space inspired by elements of the patisserie and the fact of being in a city near the sea side. The blue background in contrast with the yellow accent lines are the typical motif used, while the whole store’s aesthetic embodies the seaside lifestyle in Durres in an effective yet subtle way.
The concept combines a host of services and amenities including a coffee bar, patisserie, bakery and crepes.  The main interventions involve the furniture and the colors use, not touching the existing tiles and the ceiling, adhering the required costs for the investment.
The store’s original style is repurposed the into a modern, functional atmosphere where the  interior is maintained with large windows like an open indoor patio where nature is always close by.
Thus, the space is perceived as a large–enclosed–outdoor area, and incorporates the real environment and natural lighting.
All intervention, such as furniture, lighting, installations… are located not higher than mid height getting the perception of a single space and open to the customer.
In the furniture are used natural wood colors and white. While in the tapestry of chairs are used warm colors like yellow and cherry, which combine with the colors of the walls. The counter is created with three longitudinal elements which overlap with each other, while the middle element has unruly lines as a decorative element for a better approaching to the idea of a patisserie.

Lighting extols ceiling architecture, sometimes forgotten.
The space captures a diverse clientele by opening up to a main city street and being near to the seaside.