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Apartment 05

This newly renovated, 90 sqm two-bedroom apartment, is located near the Dinamo stadium, an ideal location in terms of positioning in one of the most exclusive areas of Tirana. The apartment is located on the top floor, which enables visual access and a beautiful sight seeing around the stadium but also from the main road. We attained this feature through the large windows.
The existing apartment had 2 bathrooms. After the renovation, one of the baths was expanded while the other bathroom is incorporated-in as an internal wardrobe in function of the master bedroom. The apartment is fully renovated except the ceiling, which is preserved with its two levels due to the roofs slope. Being unable to intervene in this part, we come up with a solution of straight continues lines right from the ceiling to the floor, across the living room, giving to the apartment contemporary features.
The apartment contains a relatively abundant living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a kids room and a toilet. The rooms create continuity with each other and this is gained through the straight and clean lines furniture, as well as through light colors like for example: white, cream, and some tinctures of brown or black (in the living room and other rooms). Almost all the shiny furniture and floor tiles harmonize together giving contemporary style features. Mainly, in the rooms walls, we have played with light and warm colors with some specific fractures to gain some contrast and to highlight the furniture.