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Residential Building 02

The construction area is located near the national road that connects Tirana and Dajti. The object is adapted to the environment and sloppy terrain, following the typology of the existing objects but also achieving a contemporary architecture. To preserve the typology of the buildings in the area, the building is organized into 5 floors. Most of the building occupies housing units, while the other share of services covers relatively a smaller area because they will generally be used only by residents. Recreational facilities (bars, restaurants, terraces) can be organized at the entrance of the facility or in the north. The solution of the housing is made rationally, but oriented such that it exploits to the maximum the sunlight and the panoramic views that the area offers.
The apartments are generally 1 + 1 and 2 + 1, and all facilities, including sanitation nodes have natural lighting and ventilation (with the exception of the bathrooms in the night areas). Day areas are generally oriented overlooking the city and have a balcony in that direction. The shape and structure of the object is solved in a rectangular way, in this way we can use the housing units and the garage to the maximum and with efficiency.

Status : Completed
Partner : AL-POINT
Location : Komuna Dajt, Tirana
Property area : 1603 m2
Built area : 696.4 m2
Coverage ratio: 43.4%
Date : 06/2011 – 07/2011