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Apartament 04

This finished contemporary two-room flat is located in a building near "Unaza e Re". This is a well organized project with the main focus in utilizing the spaces to the maximum. The flat is around 88 sqm and is organized in two main groups: personal (bedroom, dressing room, zone make-up) and social (kitchen-living-dining room. In the entrance there is the hallway which as a feature has the wardrobe, used both as a decor and as a multifunctional furniture (shoes, coats, books). The dining room is designed with a kitchen built inside the gypsum wall to utilize the space around the cooking area. A feature of this space is the hanging lamp which is situated right above the middle of the dining table, while spots are used in the other areas. We can find some warm colored nuances around this space where one of the walls is covered with dark colored wall-paper (stone simulation) to create more contrast; and in the other walls is used a bright blue color for a better combination with the living rooms sofa. In the boys room the colors used are mainly the white, green and orange adapted also with their age. A feature in this room are the beds alongside each other to create more space in the room for the movement and also the study table. The master bedroom is designed with the main focus on the beds head, with the wall covered with wall-paper and irradiated with light upon it. Another element in this space is the work table which comes as a result of a continuous line alongside the cupboards. Mainly the room is characterized with a green color according to the clients demand, to give a feeling of serenity.


Projekt : I perfunduar
Adresa: Rr. "Riza Cerova", Tirane
Siperfaqja : 88 m2
Data : 02/2012 – 04/2012