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Ahmati weddings reception

"Ahmati"  weddings reception is located in the area of Paskuqan. It provides a unique venue with a capacity of approximately 300 guests.
This venue is initially remodeled considering the maximum use of space and its potentials. Internal organization is planned in order to have enough space and comfortable movement between tables and chairs.
The venue is featured with a neoclassical style where can be seen from the lighting elements like the lanterns but also from the frames used in the treatment of the walls and ceiling pendant.
Another neoclassical element is the arch used at the couples altar but also at the windows which are simultaneously functional and decorative.
The walls and the ceiling interior, framed with gypsum, are overlaid with wallpaper. We have used a repetitive flowers motive in the wallpaper  to make the environment look alive. This repeated element is also used as decoration on the tables vessels.
Regarding the organization of space, a special focus was given to the couple altar which is located in the center of the front of the room. It is set up within two stairs, making possible that all the guests have the opportunity to see the couple. To the couples table was given the same arc same as the stairs to create a continuity. To preserve the arc,  we have created decorative elements on the front side of the wall which is held by two columns and give an importance to this part. The repetition of this element in the windows, creates an unified environment and a new identity.
Generally, in the venue are used light and warm colors with some brown- to -gold tinctures, which relate with the neoclassical lantern.
Knowing that lighting plays a fundamental role in creating atmosphere in weddings receptions, and since it is an element which increases the value of our space, it has been given a special importance.
We can find this element in the use of the lanterns hanging in the center of the frameworks as well as at the wall lightings.